Rita Ora defends Justin Bieber over ‘fan-punching incident’

Video footage circulated earlier this week shows the pop singer appearing to punch a young male fan in the face.

Rita Ora has spoken out in support of Justin Bieber after he was filmed appearing to punch a fan in the face.

TMZ reports that the singer was being driven to the Palau Sant Jordi venue in Barcelona on Tuesday evening (November 22) when a fan stuck his hand through the open window of Bieber’s moving car, attempting to touch the star’s chest and face.

In a video of the incident obtained by TMZ, Bieber seemingly responds by punching the young, male fan in the face – watch below.


“I’m not speaking for anybody, but knowing him and his incredible background, I know how it feels to be uncomfortable and scared,” Ora told Metro. “I feel like anyone who had a hand in their face is going to protect themselves.”

The ‘Hot Right Now’ singer added: “There are definitely moments where [fans] cross over the boundary of it becoming almost scary.”

Following the incident, it has been reported that the fan in question, 18-year-old Kevin Ramirez, is considering taking legal action against Bieber. According to the Daily Mirror, Ramirez said during a local radio interview: “This matter is now in the hands of lawyers. They will deal with it. I can’t give out any more information at the moment.”

Bieber has repeatedly spoken about his overzealous fans in recent weeks. He told his “obnoxious” London crowd to “be quiet and listen when I’m talking” and ordered his Manchester audience to “shut up” during his ballads. While the singer was in Prague, a fan attempted to pull his trousers down.


The singer has also made headlines for his random public antics during his European tour. He has tried to disguise himself in Amsterdam with a fake goatee and wig and also surprised a group of London school children by joining in with their game of football. Meanwhile, he was spotted in a Glasgow chip shop eating deep-fried haggis.

Earlier this week, Bieber joined the Barcelona football team for training and was pictured with star striker Neymar.