Honey G leaves interview after being asked if she is better than Stormzy

Controversial rapper also claims that some people who criticise her have been playing 'the race card'.

Controversial former X Factor contestant Honey G apparently left a radio interview earlier today (November 30) after being asked a series of tricky questions about her credibility as a rap artist.

Before being voted off at the weekend, the 35-year-old white rapper from Harrow in North-West London – or “North Weezy” as she calls it – had been the major talking point of this year’s series.

Some commentators have called her act a problematic parody of hip-hop culture. The Guardian‘s Lola Okolosie recently argued that her performance on the show is “modern-day blackface”.


Challenging Honey G’s recent boast that she’s “the biggest rapper in the UK”, Charlie Sloth asked her on BBC Radio 1Xtra today: “Are you better than Stormzy?”

“I don’t want to say yes or no, ’cause I know he’s been doing his ting from time,” she replied. “I’m a big fan of Stormzy. He’s got a different type of talent. I think everyone shines brightly in their own individual way.”

After Honey G suggested that some people criticising her have been playing “the race card”, Sloth countered: “I think it’s the mannerisms. Going from being yourself and just a normal person to going into character and being Honey G. Like the body language, some of the terminology that you use. I think people feel that you don’t use that in everyday life and that’s where the conflict is. I don’t necessarily think it’s a race thing.”

Honey G then replied: “I think I’ve picked up street lingo in my life. As I’ve grown up on the underground music scene, it’s been a part of my diction.”

Sloth proceeded to play a couple of tracks before informing listeners that Honey G had been removed from the interview while the music was playing.


“Her manager was like, ‘Get out!'” he told listeners. “The manager shouted at me. I don’t know why you’re shouting at me, I’m just doing my job! I was trying to be as respectful as I could be, asking the questions people wanted to be asked. I tried to do it in as fair a way as I could, while keeping it lighthearted and fun.”

During another recent interview, Honey G admitted she had never rapped in public before appearing on The X Factor.

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