The 1975 fans at Reading share their thoughts on new single ‘People’ and tonight’s headline set

It's gonna be a big night.

It’s Friday, it’s Reading, and The 1975 are about to headline the main stage for the first time. Anticipation is high, especially as the band just dropped the punk explosion of their new single, ‘People‘. To test the vibes, we had a word with a few 1975 devotees out in the field.

Watch our video with the fans of The 1975 at Reading & Leeds 2019 above

“I feel more like I’m in a punk band than I ever have done,” frontman Matty Healy told NME for this week’s exclusive Big Read. “I’ve always had amongst my peers this revered collection of vintage collectibles that were kind of punk-orientated, and it really excites me to share my passion with people.

“So, OK, a 15-year-old who’s never heard Converge until they heard it on my Instagram the other day, yeah, when they hear ‘People’ for the first time, surely they’re going to understand that a bit more, you know?””

That certainly seems to be the case. Well to find out, we asked the people who matter the most – the fans. Watch our video at the top of the page to discover their verdict, as well as what they’re hoping for from their set tonight.

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