This is when you’ll next be able to catch The 1975 on tour

Matty Healy gave fans something to look forward to as the band closed out their 'I Like It When You Sleep...' campaign

The 1975 used their headline set at Latitude 2017 to announce when they would next be on tour.

The band brought the campaign surrounding their acclaimed second album ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It‘ to a close last night (July 14) at the Suffolk festival.

Towards the end of the group’s set, frontman Matty Healy announced to the crowd: “We’ll be back on tour in October 2018.”


Healy has already confirmed the band will release their third album, ‘Music For Cars’, next year and on stage yesterday kept repeating the date “the first of June, the 1975”. The phrase is famously where the band got their name from, after the frontman read it in a book of beat poetry. Earlier this month, Healy tweeted the forthcoming record’s title, swiftly followed by “1st June – The 1975”.

After describing ‘I Like It When You Sleep…’ as having become “a bit of an era”, he declared the bill-topping performance as “the end of that era”. He then told fans, “It’s the start of a new era called ‘Music For Cars’,” before playing ’28’, which the band originally recorded under their old name Drive Like I Do.

Healy also used the set to deliver an emotional speech before ‘Loving Someone’, saying “the world should be more like a music festival.”


“If the world was like this [Latitude], everything would be fine,” Healy told the crowd. “There might be a few too many drugs, but that never hurt anybody. We’re gonna play a song that is about universal love and compassion. I’m sorry if I ever said anything about religion or about anything that ever offended anybody – I don’t wanna offend anybody, ever. My intention is to spread love and unity.

“In particular, I wanna shout out all f the communities that are misrepresented and maligned. So, the Muslim community, the black community, the LGBTQ community. I wanna say that we stand with you and we fucking love you. We love every single person in this field. So who’s ready to get compassionate? Get them flags up!”

While, promising to release new music this year and confirming his debut album with side-project ‘Drive Like I Do’, The 1975 will now be working on ‘Music For Cars‘.

Healy recently revealed that the new songs he’s written for the album are ‘as good as anything on the previous album’ along with ‘lots of ambient and classical tracks’.

“If you look at third albums, ‘OK Computer’ or ‘The Queen Is Dead’, that’s what we need to do,” he said. “I want a legacy. I want people to look back and think our records were the most important pop records that a band put out in this decade.”

Latitude Festival 2017 continues with sets from Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes and many more.