The 1975’s Matt Healy reveals he cried when Trump won US election

Album of the Year winners speak to NME in new interview

The 1975 frontman Matt Healy has revealed to NME that he cried when he found out that Donald Trump had won the US Presidential election.

The band’s second album ‘I Like It When You Fall Asleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It‘ has been announced as NME‘s album of the year for 2016. Speaking in this week’s magazine, Healy said that the honour “feels good” before shrugging and adding, “it’s a bit, like, ‘So-rryyy,’ isn’t it – for that time you called us the worst band in the world 
[at 2014’s NME Awards].”

Healy described touring the US during Trump’s election campaign: “Every night on stage, whether we’d been in a Trump state or not, I’d been saying, ‘We’re English and we know what it’s like to fuck up your country very swiftly.’ And even after 
I said it, it still happened. Can you believe that?”


The band were in New York when Trump beat Hillary Clinton to be the next President and Healy admitted that he cried upon hearing the news. “I was tired and we felt a bit defeated,” he said. “I got very much caught up in the race, bigotry, Donald-Trump-says-stupid-things stuff, so when it happened I was like, ‘Fucking white people, what the fuck are we doing’, you know? But the fact of the matter is America voted for Trump – white, black, Latino, middle class, poor – so the thing now is to understand their genuine concerns.”


Despite the band’s great year, Healy said that “so much mad shit’s happened: Donald Trump’s the president. Brexit. We got nominated 
for the Mercury. I mean, I’ll be glad 
to be over it. I’m running on fumes, emotionally and physically. It’s been intense for me and intense globally – it’s so hard to keep up, to be ‘woke’, as they say. It’s like living in a mad TV show.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Healy outlined plans to headline Glastonbury and Reading/Leeds festivals and confirmed that the band will release new music next year and a new album in 2018.

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