The 1975’s Matt Healy says he’ll ‘send nudes’ if people vote Labour

Adele, Bastille, Foals and JME have all encouraging fans to use their vote too.

The 1975‘s Matt Healy has joined the growing list of music stars urging people to use their vote in today’s UK general election.

Music stars ranging from Adele to Foals and Bastille have already encouraged fans to vote in the snap election. JME, Metronomy, PEACE and many more have also shared messages on social media urging people to turn out at their local polling stations today (June 8).

Labour are narrowly trailing the Conservatives in the latest polls, but Healy used an unique incentive to encourage 1975 fans to vote for Corbyn’s party, whose support has swelled during a successful election campaign. “Vote labour and I’ll send nude if that works,” he wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Healy has also given an update on the next album from The 1975, and confirmed the debut album from his side project Drive Like I Do.

NME’s ‘plus one’ campaign wants you to take a mate to the polls today. See more in the video below.

NME has been conducting its own nationally representative, pre-election research, with figures obtained by The Stream, surveying 1000+ respondents weekly, all aged between 18-34.

A look at the latest figures in full:

Labour – 46% (+5)
Conservatives – 17% (+1)
Liberal Democrats – 7% (+1)
UKIP 4% (-2)
SNP 4% (+1)
Green Party 4% (+2)
Don’t know 10% (-3)
Won’t vote 7% (-3)