1990s frontman reveals Franz Ferdinand past

Jackie McKeown talks about Alex Kapranos

1990s frontman Jackie McKeown has revealed what it was like to be in Yummy Fur with Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos.

The Glasgow band formed in 1992 and disbanded in 1999. The line-up also included Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson.

Speaking about how the band got together McKeown said: “Alex booked the acts at the Kazoo Club and 99p Club at the old 13th Note on Glassford Street in Glasgow.


“We shared similar viewpoints about music, particularly a love for Roxy Music and Sparks etc. He was exactly the same as he is now except much poorer.”

Asked if fame has changed Kapranos, McKeown said: “He’s the same when we support him as he is when we don’t…courteous and gentlemanly.”

McKeown also revealed his friendship with CSS’s Lovefoxxx. He told Something For The Weekend: “(She) is a proper friend. Met her in Sao Paulo and have got drunk with her on so, so many occasions I barely know what she’s like sober.”