‘My smile is to The 1990s what Gene Simmons’ tongue is to Kiss’

Singer Jackie McKeown in teeth injury drama

The 1990s prize asset came under threat last week – frontman Jackie McKeown‘s teeth.

The singer was injured following a kerfuffle backstage when the band supported Jarvis Cocker in Glasgow (February 20), and as a result he almost lost his distinctive gnashers.

According to an eyewitnesses who spoke to NME.COM: “A scuffle happened in their dressing room while supporting Jarvis Cocker in Glasgow. We heard a commotion from inside, but the door had been locked. The three 1990s plus a few hangers on emerged splattered with blood heading towards the stage past a bemused looking Cocker and a shocked Alex Kapranos.”

McKeown, whose band release new single ’See You At The Lights’ on March 19, was rushed to a nearby A&E department to receive treatment on his injured face.

However despite the profuse bleeding the singer insisted that doctors spend most attention on his teeth, declaring: “Those babies are to The 1990s what Gene Simmons‘ tongue is to Kiss!”

With the band current on tour, McKeown is yet to see a dental specialist, but it is understood the band are confident his “infamous smile” will be preserved.