The as-yet untitled release will hit shops early in 2004...

Disco funk octet !!! have unveiled plans for their debut UK LP, saying it will “go towards the unexpected”.

The band – whose debut UK single ‘Me And Giuliani Down By the School Yard (A True Story)’ was released in June – are set to deliver the as-yet-untitled album in early 2004.

“The stuff we’re hopefully working on is going to sound dirtier and go toward the unexpected,” said guitarist Mario Andreoni. “We all really like the element of surprise in music – things you don’t expect to happen. That’s why I think it takes us so long to write songs, because we want to make sure all of our ideas are fully represented.”

!!! also revealed that they hope to work with legendary UK rap producer Trevor Jackson.

“We don’t really know what track yet,” Andreoni told [url=]Billboard.com. “And I don’t think he necessarily knows what he’d be getting either.”