2 Chainz charged with drug possession

Rapper will face court in Los Angeles next Tuesday (April 8)

2 Chainz has been formally charged with drug possession in the US for an offence which dates back nearly a year.

The rapper was caught in possession of a controlled substance for unlawfully carrying codeine, a primary ingredient in the cough syrup-based mixture sizzurp, 10 months ago. 2 Chainz, who faces up to three years in prison if he is convicted, is set to appear in court in Los Angeles next Tuesday (April 8), reports Rolling Stone.

At the time of his arrest, 2 Chainz was arrested for possession of marijuana and promethazine, the latter another ingredient in sizzurp.

The case comes just days after a woman, who appeared in a video apparently shot in the rapper’s dressing room, threatened legal action against him.

In the clip, the girl is ordered to leave the backstage area by a member security staff after an apparent case of mistaken identity. The video is overlaid with the hashtag ‘IsThisYoThot’, with ‘thot’ being a derogatory term for a woman.

He is due to appear at this year’s Wireless Festival alongside Kanye West, Drake, Bruno Mars and Giorgio Moroder.