Over a hundred people sign a petition protesting against the controversial rap act's lyrical content...

A group of anti-pornography protesters in UTAH have started a campaign to stop veteran rap act 2 LIVE CREW performing in their town.

According to the local Provo Daily Herald newspaper, over a hundred people have signed a petition which was delivered to the local council, protesting against the controversial rap act’s lyrical content.

The group, who became notorious in the late 80s for their ‘controversial’ live show and sexually explicit lyrics, are planning a live performance at Provo’s Atchafalaya nightclub.

Club manager Michael Stewart said the group’s live show isn’t “as bad as it sounds”.

However, this hasn’t stopped the protesters, who are working on behalf of a number of welfare groups, including the Child Abuse Prevention Team of Utah County, ‘Women for Decency’, and a new club, ‘STOP’, short for ‘Students That Oppose Pornography’, collecting the signatures over the last week.

Unless 2 Live Crew break city laws, it is unlikely the protests will be able to stop the show under the US First Amendment law. However, police will monitor the date.