Kesha fans declare Jerry Seinfeld ‘over’ after he brutally rejects her hug

Seinfeld turned down Kesha's hug request - then said, "I don't know who that was."

Kesha fans have reacted angrily after Jerry Seinfeld brutally rejected a hug from the singer.

The two stars both attended and performed at the Night of Laughter& Song event at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, a charity event held by the David Lynch Foundation.

While the Seinfeld star was being interviewed on the red carpet, Kesha interrupted the comedian to tell him that she “loves” him “so much”. She then asked if she could hug him.


After Seinfeld said “no thanks” and physically dodged Kesha’s attempt to hug him, he then said to the interviewer: “I don’t know who that was.” Upon being told it was Kesha, Seinfeld replied: “Okay, well I wish her the best.”

After footage of the awkward moment went viral, Kesha fans began to criticise Seinfeld on Twitter. Some have even been using the hashtag #JerrySeinfeldIsOverParty.


Last week it was reported that Kesha has recorded two new songs with Eagles Of Death Metal. The songs are said to be for her “upcoming album”, although that has not yet been announced.

The band’s guitarist Dave Catching told Rolling Stone: “She used to come to Eagles shows when she was 16. She was always a big fan. Then I remember we got back from Europe… And she was on every magazine cover when we landed from a tour. It was really amazing.”