22-20s reform and post new songs online – audio

Band will release new album in 2010

22-20s have reformed – and are set to release a new album this year.

The band have already posted two new songs on their myspace.com/2220s page – a live track called ‘Ocean’ and a studio recording called ‘Latest Heartbreak’.

According to that site, original members Martin Trimble, Glen Bartup and James Irving are involved, along with new member Dan Hare on second guitar.


Original keyboardist Charley Coombes – brother of SupergrassGaz and Rob – is understood not to be involved.

The band reunited for a one-off gig last year to play the Heavenly Festival, and a message posted on The22-20s.com shortly afterwards stated that “22-20s have reformed & spent the last six months recording a new album set to be released next year.”

22-20s originally split in 2006, with frontman Trimble saying he was “no longer comfortable with people’s perception of what we represent”.