2ManyDJs back launch of healthy chicken shop in north London

The health conscious shop will serve lunch meals to young locals from as little as £2

2manydjs are asking for people to back a new campaign to create a healthy chicken shop in north London.

Chicken Town, currently being funded on Kickstarter, will be a ‘not-for-profit’ social enterprise in the area of Tottenham and will serve lunch meals to young locals from as little as £2.

The Belgian duo, David and Stephen Dewaele have tweeted their support for the project, writing: “We need your help to get over the line with our Kickstarter campaign. Please click to pledge your support!”


Approached for comment by NME, the band’s manager Karey Fisher clarified 2ManyDJs involvement in the shop, saying: “This is a friend of theirs who they have been giving their support to throughout.”

Chicken Town founders Ben Rymer and Hadrian Garrard, said in a statement regarding the venture: “Our overall ethos at Chicken Town is about getting young people to engage with food and think about what they are eating, how it’s made and where it comes from. We have lots of ideas to help us with this. Local schools will play a large part of this as we would like to get kids in for cooking sessions in the restaurant. We want to support local community growing initiatives and even to take kids for visits to see the farm where our chickens come from!”

The statement continued: “We’ll also be encouraging young people to try new things like mango coleslaw, tomato salads and other fresh sides that will give them a healthy dose of something different.”

2ManyDJs will play two shows in Belfast at The Filthy Quarter on May 2 and 3.