Handwritten Tupac lyrics go on sale for £29,000

Lyrics are just part of the Pac memorabilia on sale at auction site

Handrwitten lyrics by 2Pac are on sale for $38,500 (£28,870) after one of the rapper’s former employees put them up for auction.

Specialist showbiz memorabilia site Moments In Time is selling the handwritten lyrics to Tupac’s song ‘Chasin’ Moments’, which he wrote shortly before his death in 1996. The song eventually appeared on his posthumous 2002 album ‘Better Dayz’.

The anonymous former employee at Tupac’s studio has kept the lyrics since 1996.


Moments In Time has recently sold several items of Tupac memorabilia, including a handwritten love letter he wrote while at drama school to a fellow pupil named Beethoven, which sold for $35,000 (£26,260).

The site also has several other Tupac items currently on sale in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of his death on September 13.

The most costly is a letter he wrote while in prison on sexual assault charges. Tupac was sentenced to serve 18 months-to-four-and-a-half-years prison for sexually assaulting a fan. Before being released on bail in October 1995 while appealing his conviction, Tupac served nine months at New York prison Clinton Correctional.

While in prison, Tupac wrote a letter well-known among fans to Death Row Uncut magazine editor Nina Bhadresher, saying he wanted to begin “a new chapter” of his life. On his release, Tupac released the album ‘The 7 Day Theory’ under the alias Makaveli, which was much darker than his previous work. The letter he wrote to Bhadresher is on sale for $225,000 (£169,000).