Six years on, a major investigation by the LA Times leads them to a shocking conclusion...

Six years after rapper TUPAC SHAKUR was murdered in a mysterious drive-by shooting in LAS VEGAS, his arch rival BIGGIE SMALLS has been implicated as a key player in the crime.

Today’s (September 6) Los Angeles Times claims that Smalls, real name Christopher Wallace, supplied the gun used to slay Tupac as well as putting a $1million bounty on his head.

The yearlong investigation by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chuck Philips identified Shakur ‘s killer as Orlando Anderson of LA gang The Crips. He was killed in an unrelated shooting a year later.

Shakur and Biggie had been feuding for more than a year as part of a rivalry that split the rap community between the West Coast (Shakur) and the East Coast (Wallace).

Shakur was shot while driving in a high-profile convoy of luxury cars along Las Vegas Boulevard on September 7, 1996 — just hours after he and his entourage had beaten up Anderson in the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel where they had attended a Mike Tyson boxing match, claims the Los Angeles Times.

The beating was tied to an ongoing feud between The Crips and their deadly city rivals The Bloods. Anderson is believed to have helped his gang beat and rob one of Shakur‘s bodyguards, who belonged toThe Bloods. After the MGM beating, Anderson quickly set up a Crips meeting at the Treasure Island Hotel and planned Shakur‘s murder.

Smalls, according to The Times, was brought into the plan when The Crips decided to make some money out of the killing. He agreed to stump up the $1million on condition that the killing bullet was fired from his own gun. He is said to have presented The Crips with a .40-caliber Glock pistol.

Shakur died six days after been hit by four rounds fired from a Cadillac that drew up next to his BMW.

Smalls, says The Times, paid the first $500,000 instalment of his blood money. He was gunned down in March 1997 as he sat in his car while visiting Los Angeles for the Soul Train Music Awards. That crime also remains unsolved. Anderson was shot dead in May 1998.

Phillips also alleges that the three other Crips who journeyed with Anderson on the night of Tupac’s still live in Los Angeles, and have never been questioned by police.