And one friend of the rapper says he has an ailbi for him which contradicts the findings in the LA Times...

The family of rapper NOTORIOUS B.I.G are set to take legal action over a newspaper report that claims the star paid for the murder of rival TUPAC SHAKUR.

The Los Angeles Times article accuses Biggie, real name Christopher Wallace, of meeting with members of the Crips gang in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, the night that Tupac was fatally shot, and offering them $1 million to kill Tupac. The report also claims that during the meeting Wallace, shot dead himself in LA in March 1997, gave the shooter his own gun to use for the hit.

Members of Wallace’s family said they’re considering a lawsuit against the Times “for untruthful statements and accusations which amount to character assassinations of someone who is himself the victim of an unsolved murder.”

“We are outraged at the false and damaging statements,” Wallace’s family said in a statement. “For the record, Wallace was at his home in New Jersey on the night of Tupac Shakur’s murder, with friends who will continue to testify for his whereabouts since he is unable to defend himself. Both men will have no peace as long as stories such as these continue to be written.”

Family and friends of the rapper stressed that Biggie would never have killed Tupac.

“Chistopher’s character was both sensitive and loving,” his mother, Voletta Wallace, said in a statement. “Not only could my son not have participated in such a crime, but he also wept openly and was desperately saddened at the news of Tupac’s death.”

Faith Evans, Biggie’s widow, said in a statement that there was no truth to the new allegations. She added: “Our family continues to grieve over these and other lies perpetrated by irresponsible parties”.

Wallace’s close friend Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Lil’ Cease, claims Biggie was in the New York recording studio Daddy’s House the morning of the shooting, and that he then returned to his home in Teaneck, New Jersey, to watch that evening’s Mike Tyson fight on pay-per-view. Cease said documentation exists confirming Biggie’s studio session that day.

Cease also refutes the story’s claim that Biggie had strong ties to the Crips and hired them to act as security guards when traveling to the West Coast, insisting, “When we was out there, we never used no security from out there. Anybody that was with us was from New York.”

Donald David, the lawyer representing Shakur’s family, said he was not surprised by the allegations in the Los Angeles Times, but that he believes there is “no evidence either one way or the other” that Biggie was involved in the killing.