3 Doors Down’s manager explains why band are playing Trump’s inauguration

Obama-supporting manager Angus Vail speaks in new interview

3 Doors Down‘s manager has explained why the band accepted the invitation to play Donald Trump‘s inauguration.

Trump will be sworn in as President in Washington, DC on Friday (January 20). While the US band won’t perform at the inauguration itself, they will appear at a concert called The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration tonight (January 19) at the Lincoln Memorial.

Speaking to Vice, manager Angus Vail explained that there is “no such thing as bad publicity”, adding: “Once you get to the point that you’ve been in rock for 16 years and a whole bunch of people get pissed off with you on Twitter, it’s like: that’s good for us. The more liberals that get all hot under their collar about it, the more we’re appreciated by a whole bunch of conservatives. Are they sitting there crying into their pillows at night? Of course not.”


He added: “3 Doors actually played George W Bush’s inauguration. They are good Mississippi and Alabama boys—they come from conservative families. You know, they’re really good guys, but they have very different political beliefs. Because they played both Bush’s inaugurations, they’ve obviously been on the conservative radar.”

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“3 Doors have that God, guns, and country black-and-white sort of viewpoint, and they spend a lot of time going to Iraq, doing service, playing for the troops,” he went on to explain. “They believe it and that’s just the way they see America. It’s pretty hard to argue with. You say, “What about the nuances, what about the grey areas?” and they say, “No, no, God, guns, America is the greatest country on earth.” They stick to that viewpoint.”

“I disagree with them politically but we have a very good dialogue. When I go down and see them, they give me a lot of shit,” added Vail, a self-proclaimed Obama supporter.

Trump’s inauguration has been hit with many problems so far. A host of artists have either turned down invitations to perform or pulled out of planned events.

It was also recently revealed that Trump didn’t invite Kanye to perform at inauguration because his music isn’t ‘traditionally American’.