30 Seconds To Mars play secret set on the roof of the O2 Arena

Tickets for the group's November show at the venue go on sale on Friday

30 Seconds To Mars played a short gig on the roof of London’s O2 Arena yesterday (June 18) to promote their forthcoming UK tour – which will include a date at the iconic venue.

After scaling the side of the building, Jared Leto – now sporting long, brown hair – and his bandmates played an acoustic set consisting of four songs – ‘End Of All Days’ and ‘Up In The Air’, both taken from new album ‘Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams’, ‘Kings and Queens’ and fan request ‘Closer To The Edge’.

Joking around with the small crowd, the singer explained how the gig enabled them to “exercise and get a free show” before kidding that the band would parachute off the edge of the building for their exit. Following the set, which culminated in a host of white confetti cannons being let off around the edge of the rooftop, Leto then explained the idea behind the event, telling the crowd that, “We try not to do the typical bullshit, we try and do a different brand of bullshit. We probably won’t forget this for at least a few days.”

Speaking after the event, Leto also explained further about the band’s inclination to put on unexpected publicity events (in recent months the trio have also sent a song into space and staged a flashmob gig in Soho Square), saying: “It’s great to do something different for all of us. It breaks up the monotony and the onslaught of the information that gets released out into the universe now. It’s a fun way to celebrate the new tour. We have [done a lot of promotional events]; it’s part of the game we want to play, the game of life. We could do something typical or we could do something interesting – it’s an easy choice for me. You have to go out on a limb and it takes extra effort and extra work but we’re willing to do that. We like to have experiences that are unique. We’ll do a safari next time!”

Moving on to discuss their forthcoming tour, which will begin in Cardiff on November 14 and take in seven more dates around the UK before finishing up in Belfast on November 26, the group also revealed their plans for the gigs. “This tour will be our biggest UK and Ireland tour to date. How are we going to top the last tour? With good creative thinking. You don’t have to go bigger; it’s not about bombast. For us it’s about creating a feeling of intimacy when you’re playing such big places. You do that with spontaneity, breaking down the fourth wall, engaging and thinking about the space and how you break it down to something more atypical,” Leto explained. “We’re already playing eight songs a night which is a lot for an album that’s only just come out. People have been very responsive though, I think there are songs on the album that are gonna surprise a lot of people. There are probably a lot of people who have an idea who 30 Seconds to Mars is… they should listen to that album and they’d be pretty surprised what they hear.”

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