Jared Leto says he turned down chance to direct Kanye West video

30 Seconds To Mars man says he was too busy to work with rapper

Jared Leto has claimed that he turned down the chance to direct a video for Kanye West.

The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman told the BBC that he had been too busy to take the rapper up on his offer. Leto previously worked with West before, when he produced the 30 Seconds To Mars track ‘Hurricane 2.0’ in 2010.

Speaking about his busy schedule restricting him from taking on all the work he is offered, Leto said: “I’d been asked by various people to direct videos, people like Kanye West have reached out, and that’s always really flattering, but it’s hard to find the time to do that for other people. Usually when I make a video, directing, editing, production, it takes me months and months and months,” he added. “It’s not really a short-term affair, so I tend to not really have the time to do it for other people. It’d be fun to, at some point, you never know.”

It was reported earlier this month that Leto is supposedly a leading contender for next year’s best supporting actor Oscar. The actor and singer is gathering awards buzz for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club, a film inspired by the real-life story of Rod Woodroof, a Texan electrician diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986 who began smuggling alternative drugs into America to help himself and other AIDS patients.

Kanye West, meanwhile, gave an extraordinary interview with the BBC Radio 1 last night, in which he barely let Lowe get a word in edgeways, giving his opinion on everything from the glass ceiling for black artists in the music industry to his own fashion projects, his perceived megalomania, his creative ambitions and his partner, Kim Kardashian.