30 Seconds To Mars announce America-themed film project

"I want people to capture what's important to them, in their state"

30 Seconds To Mars have asked fans to share their 4th of July footage for a new, America-themed film project.

The video, titled A Day In The Life Of America, aims to be a “filmed portrait” of the USA today. It will apparently compile fan footage from across all 50 states, in an effort to capture “24 hours in the life of our country on Independence Day”.

The project was announced by frontman Jared Leto in a trailer yesterday (June 30). The clip states that, in order to take part, fans need to submit their videos to the 30 Seconds To Mars’ website.


“I want people to capture what’s important to them, in their state,” Leto said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “We want to see the real America.”

“A baby being born, the complete circle of life, a billionaire, a family living in a shelter, police patrolling the streets, protesters, refugees, heroes and villains, a truck driver, a sky diver, a sex worker, a base jumper, a firefighter, and every great race, color and creed that make up the fabric of our nation. Trailer parks and Trump hotels, big cities and small towns, farmers and football players. A doctor, a preacher, a baptism, a funeral. Sunrise and Sunset. Let’s show it in all its beauty – warts and all.”

Given the timing of the project, it’s likely that it will be linked to the group’s new album, which – according to a series of Instagram posts last November – is set to arrive at some point this year.

While details on the record remain scarce, Leto previously revealed to NME that the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams’ would be “very, very different” from the group’s past output.

“I think our last album was maybe a bridge between where we were and where we are now and it’s a very, very different album,” he explained. When asked to describe it in three words, the frontman added: “It’s very sexual. That’s three syllables, not three words, but it’ll have to do.”

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