50 Cent: ‘I can’t wait to hear Kanye West’s new album’

Rapper insists feud is behind him

50 Cent has declared he is looking forward to Kanye West‘s new album, despite a previous rivalry between the pair.

Accepting that they are “opposites”, the G-Unit man played down any feud after 50 Cent and West released albums on the same day last year.

On that occasion West easily sold more records.

However speaking to MTV News, 50 Cent declared he can’t wait to hear West‘s new album ‘808’s And Heartbreaks’, which is out on December 15.

“There’s no comparisons in us as artists. It’s the yin and the yang. It’s almost the opposite,” explained 50 Cent, adding he admired the rapper-producer’s choice of subject matter.

“It was almost taboo in hip-hop for you to make a love record,” he said. “That was reserved for LL Cool J: ‘I Need Love’ and ‘Luv U Better’. He was the only hip-hop artist that’s actually done that, prior to what I see [now] with Kanye. For him to make an entire love album, it’s pretty much based on … love and Auto-Tunes: ‘808’s And Heartbreak’. I can’t wait to see what this does.”

50 Cent meanwhile, releases his own album ‘Before I Self Destruct’ on December 9.