50 Cent claims Taco Bell stole his identity

Rapper suing fast food chain for $4 million

50 Cent is suing the US fast food chain who he claims stole his identity for an advertising campaign.

The advert featured the star being encouraged to change his name to 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent as part of a promotional campaign for Taco Bell.

50 Cent claims the fast food chain is “diluting the value of his good name”, reports BBC News.

Taco Bell, however, claim they sent a letter to the star offering a $10,000 charity donation in exchange for his permission. However 50 Cent‘s lawyer, Peter D Raymond, said he knew nothing until he saw a news report about the advert.

The advert is part of the company’s “Why pay more?” campaign to promote goods priced under $1.

It’s not the first time the ownership of rapper’s identity has been called into question. In July 2007 an internet company used his image to create a shooting game where the aim was to kill him.