50 Cent quits Instagram amid alleged counterfeit money probe

50's piles of cash on the social network have been causing him problems

50 Cent has quit Instagram amid issues involving images of cash he posted to the social network.

The rapper has handed over control of his account – which has nearly 9.5 million followers – to his team, after questions were raised about the piles of cash he often includes in images. He regularly posts the images featuring large piles of notes, despite being recently declared bankrupt.

50’s already had to explain himself in court over what he calls “prop” money, while the rapper says he also faced questions from the secret service over whether the cash used in pictures might be counterfeit.


The rapper posted a series of pictures of homeless men alongside comments on his reasons for abandoning his personal curation of the account, hinting in the process at being targetted because he’s a wealthy hip-hop star.

“I was accused of committing fraud with nothing but a IG photo,” 50 said in one post. “I can careless what these people think of me but it’s not right.”

“Now someone from secret service is asking if prop money was counter fitted. How the f*** would I know that s*** head? Smh.”


“The system is so messed up, the law applies differently to people based on personal perception of them,” 50 says in another post, which features a picture of some very run-down looking feet. “They know the difference between chapter 11 and chapter 7 [two forms of bankruptcy in America], they just never saw anyone from HipHop culture use it.”

50 Cent’s bankruptcy proceedings have proved controversial, as has his Instagram account. Earlier this year, for example, 50 told Meek Mills that his career is over in an Instagram post. 50 also claimed to be building a mansion in Africa despite his bankrupt status through the social network, though he later admitted this was a false claim.

The spiky posts involved in 50’s quitting of Instagram have since been deleted from his account.