It's not one of the star's best days, which puts him in a bit of a bad mood...

50 Cent stormed off stage during G-UNIT’s performance at the annual HOT 97 SUMMER JAM in NEW JERSEY.

50 Cent surprised the 50,000 event attendees with his performance on Saturday (June 12), in which he blasted headliner R Kelly mid-set, before throwing down his microphone and exiting the stage.

The ‘In Da Club’ star began the collective’s set with a mock award ceremony called the ‘Grannies’, in which Lil’ Kim received the award for having the most plastic surgery, and Ja Rule, Joe Budden and Murder Inc’s Black Child all received awards for being the ‘wackest’ rappers.

During G-Unit member Young Buck’s performance of ‘Let Me In’, members of the audience, though to be part of a rival gang of 50 Cent‘s, threw their chairs onto the stage, before being escorted off by security.

50 Cent‘s mood was also thought to be sullen due to the audience’s poor reaction. When the audience didn’t dance, he retorted with “I feel a lotta hate, baby”, and “I’m a let you know that I know you love me”, before launching into a mock-up of R Kelly‘s ‘I Believe I Can Fly’, while pretending to urinate on the stage, reports the New York Times.

During G-Unit’s finale of ‘Stunt 101’, 50 Cent cut off protégé Lloyd Banks mid-verse by throwing his microphone on the stage and storming off.

R Kelly did not respond to the insults at the gig at the Giants Stadium, which also saw performances from Big Boi from OutKast , [/a] and [a].