If it's that or paying a fine which would you choose?...

A judge in MIAMI has ordered a man to listen to over two hours of opera for playing 50 Cent‘s music too loudly in his car.

Miami Beach recently introduced new strict noise abatement laws – if the police can hear your stereo from 100 feet away, they can charge you. Giant electronic billboards on Miami’s Ocean Drive now warn drivers: “No Loud Music!”

Last week Michael Carreras was found guilty of playing 50 Cent’s ‘In Da Club’ too loudly at 5am.

Judge Jeffrey Swartz gave the 32-year-old club promoter the choice of paying a $500 fine or listening to Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ in the judge’s chambers.

“You impose your music on me, and I’m going to impose my music on you,” Swartz told Carreras.

As Carreras listened to the two-and-a-half hour opera, the judge told him: “It’s like everything else. It’s about love, betrayal and death.”

Carreras found the punishment “relaxing”, reports local newspaper the St Petersburg Times.