50 Cent on Meek Mill: ‘He’s really not that bright’

Rapper hits out at Meek Mill's handling of his recent feuds

50 Cent has weighed in on Drake and Meek Mill’s ongoing feud, with the rapper clearly showing whose side he is on.

After Mill took shots at Cent on his track ‘Gave ‘Em Hope’ back in January, 50 himself took to Instagram to share a number of memes poking fun at his rap rival.

Now, Cent has shared his views on Meek Mill during an interview on Shade 45, with the ‘In Da Club’ hitmaker revealing: “You know, he’s really not that bright; that kid is not that bright.


“The easiest thing you can do is bring other people into the statements you’re saying, right, while you’re writing music. Not for them to be involved, but just to mention them.”

Cent went on to address Mill’s decision to call out AR-Ab after Drake gave him a shout out on ‘Back To Back’, stating that Meek’s ‘Wanna Know’ was disappointing.

He explained: “I didn’t understand it when he did that. I was like, it’s a special kind of stupid going on over here.

“Now you done took something that was completely non-threatening — with Drake and [AR-Ab] — and turned it into something that could potentially turn into you bumping into him in Philly.”

Cent continued: “He watches anybody that goes next to the person that he has that passion for, and he attacks that person.


“You see he said some shit about Future. It’s because they collaborated on an album together, so if you with him, then you against me.”

He concluded: “You have the least opportunity to beat these guys, with the momentum that have at this point.”

Mill isn’t the only rapper who Cent has taken issue with recently, with 50 responding on Instagram to criticisms made by Jay Electronica about his music.