But he doesn't get off scot free...

50 Cent has avoided a jail sentence on the condition that he stays clean of drugs and takes an anger management course.

The rapper was charged with assaulting three women after jumping into the crowd at a show in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Two women alleged that the rapper trampled them, while another claims she was punched.

At the hearing, which he attended, he was told that the charges would be dropped if he adhered to the conditions. However, while 50 Cent – real name Curtis Jackson – has avoided jail, the raft of measures against him is extensive.

As well as the anger management course, he must make an educational anti-violence video and undergo random drug testing for two years. He must also pay out-of-pocket medical expenses to the three alleged victims, and must not carry a gun in Massachusetts.

He could still incur a jail term if he fails to meet the conditions.

The charges date back to a concert in Springfield in May last year, where 50 Cent was a surprise guest. He launched himself into the crowd after water was thrown at him, and was subsequently pushed back onto the stage by security.