Authorities say that a man shot near the venue had been to the controversial show...

50 Cent will face charges for his involvement in the scuffle at the HIPPODROME in SPRINGFIELD last week (May 7), and authorities say that the man shot near to the venue had been at the show.

As previously reported on NME.COM 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, jumped into the crowd after a fan sprayed water at him. According to reports, three women were injured, and two were kicked in the head and face. Two people were arrested at the scene.

Ray Feyre, director of operations for Hampden District Attorney William Bennett confirmed yesterday (May 12) that the star will be prosecuted, but said “it hasn’t been decided yet what charges (he will face)”, reports the Boston Herald.

A man was shot near to the venue shortly after the show being cut short. Mark Terry was shot in the leg, but police have not yet said if the incidents are related.

50 Cent ’s label Interscope currently have no comment on the incident.