The rapper reportedly loses the plot and jumps into the crowd after water is thrown at him...

A surprise performance by 50 Cent dissolved into chaos after the rapper reportedly jumped into the crowd after an audience member threw water at him during his set.

The show at the Hippodrome club in Springfield, Massachusettson Friday (May 7) finished just ten minutes after it began, when 50 Cent removed his gold chain and handed it to his entourage before leaping into the crowd after water hit the ’In Da Club’ star.

Hippodrome co-owner Michael J Barasso explained to The Associated Press that members of his entourage and bodyguards followed, though the club was too crowded to see if fighting broke out in the crowd.

50 Cent was then helped back on stage by police and security guards. He finished his song, and then rushed offstage.

Two men were arrested after the show for disturbing the peace, and police investigated a nearby shooting, though there has been no comment as to whether the incidents were linked.

The scene comes after the rapper, who was shot nine times and survived, shed his bad boy image by sending goodie bags to two teenage girls who missed his gig at Winnipeg Arena in Canada last month.

The girls were mugged outside the arena, and along with money, had their 50 Cent concert tickets taken from them. After being tipped off by a local radio station, the star sent the girls bags containing autographed CDs, posters and T-shirts, reports MTV.