It will tell the story of a deprived orphan who becomes a rap megastar...

Renowned soundtrack composer QUINCY JONES is to score the forthcoming movie based on the life of 50 Cent.

Jones received Oscar nominations for his music for the films ’The Color Purple’, ’In The Heat Of The Night’, ’The Italian Job’, ’In Cold Blood’ and ’The Wiz’. He also worked with Frank Sinatra as an arranger and conductor, and produced Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album.

The film, which takes its name from 50 Cent’s debut album ’Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’, is to be directed by Jim Sheridan, director of ’My Left Foot’ and ’In The Name of The Father’, which also received Oscar nominations.

It will tell the story of an orphan in a tough neighbourhood who falls into drug dealing before making it as a rap star.