And, as usual, it's been done through song again...

50 CENT is coming under fire from JA RULE and 2Pac‘s one time OUTLAWZ clique member FATAL HUSSEIN on a freestyle called ‘THE WRAP.’

Although he confines his anger to one verse, Rule manages to diss 50 Cent, 2Pac[/a] over the instrumental to [url=]Mobb Deep‘s ‘The Learning (Burn).

The rapper tells Cent to “pull your skirt down” towards the end of the record. However, Fatal Hussein, who rapped with 2Pac on ‘All Eyez on Me,’ has unleashed a barrage of criticism on the [url=]Eminemprotege.

Talking to MTV, Hussein said that he had a problem with Cent’s use of 2Pac‘s vocals on ‘The Realest Killas’ and some of his rhyme flows and lyrics on the ‘Hail Mary’ freestyle.

He stated about ‘The Realest Killas’, “I feel it’s a problem, playing with his lyrics like that… That needs to be addressed. I remember I heard it [and] they [were] trying to say that [Ja] is trying to sound like 2Pacwhen [50 is] dead on him. All you did was take ‘Ambitionz Az a Ridah’ and play it back, wrote a verse and took it to the lab and said ‘I’mma be 2Pacnow’ and just try to say all this bullsh– about Rule.”

“I’m one of the Outlawz, so my opinion is going to be real critical,” he added. “That ‘Hail Mary’ was wack, total trash, no creativity. Why rap over certain stuff? You’re not making it any doper. To me, it was a slap in the face to anybody that stood for something that 2Pacwas holding down.

“It was a slap in the face to say you’re repping 2Pac,” he said. “You’re listening to his lyrics and putting his lyrics back on over his beats. You’re not creating, you’re biting. You didn’t even know him. It’s going to be some action taken. It’s going to be some stuff coming out.”

‘The Wrap’ has been released on Big Mike’s ‘Year of the Rookie Part 2’ mixtape.

On the track, Ja Rule also addresses an alleged physical altercation with [/a]’s Proof at a Miami strip club a few weeks ago, and the accusation that federal agents are investigating the possibility that Rule’s record company are laundering drug money.

‘The Realest Killas’ features claims by 50 Cent that Ja Rule is mimicking [a]2Pacby shaving his head, getting tattooed and wearing bandannas.