The rapper says he needs to give G-Unit's first release 'more room'...

50 Cent has delayed the release of his next solo album to continue work with ‘G-UNIT’.

As well as working on his own follow-up to ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, the superstar rapper has been working with G-Unit on their album ‘Beg for Mercy’, which will be released on November 17.

50 said that this album has delayed plans for his second album proper. Speaking in the US, he told MTV: “I was gonna release it in the first quarter, but (the record company) asked me to give (‘Beg for Mercy’) room, you know.”

As a result, the new record is more likely to appear in June. The next 50 Cent single will be ‘P.I.M.P’, which comes out on October 13.