The collective includes Eminem and Dr Dre...

50 CENT has revealed that the debut album from his G-UNIT crew will be released at the beginning of November by his G-UNIT RECORDS label.

The self-titled record will feature Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and 50, with Eminem and Dr Dre also contributing. The rapper is also already recording the follow-up to his debut solo album, ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”, and aims to release it early next year.

“February or early March,” he said, and when asked about producers, he added, “Dre and Em – absolutely.”

50 also spoke about the impact his mentors, Eminem and Dr Dre, have had on his approach to the music industry, saying, “The standards that they set have enhanced me as an artist. We came up with different concepts for the record – we had so many ideas – it’s still street, but to be one way is not entertaining.”

Referring to his forthcoming G-Unit Clothing line, due out in spring 2004, he said, “In hip-hop you see more jerseys and athletic wear… I like dressing other ways too, so you’ll see some different stuff. Something a little more classy.”

According to Rolling Stone, 50 added, “I’m from the bottom… to see me be blessed with the situation that I’m in makes people feel like anything can happen for them.”