The 24-year-old died after being shot as he left a 50 Cent/Jay-Z concert in Toronto...

The 24-year-old man gunned down after a 50 Cent concert in TORONTO has died, and police believe that he was “targeted”.

The victim has been identified by police as Msemaji Granger of Hamilton. He was shot in the upper body and head. The cause of death will be determined today (July 3) by an autopsy.

Cory Bockus, a homicide detective sergeant, said that two men fired numerous shots after closing in on Granger as he walked with friends at around 10.20pm on Tuesday (July 1).


The shooting is thought to have happened as large crowds of people left the 50 Cent and Jay-Z gig at the Molson Amphitheatre, in Ontario Place.

“It would appear from the evidence at the scene that this person was targeted,” said Bockus. “The shots were fired at close range at this victim.”

Initial reports suggested that two men approached Granger, though Bockus said that others may have been involved in the shoot-out.

“At this point, we know of two suspects who were both armed,” Bockus revealed at a news conference yesterday (July 2) at Toronto police headquarters.”

She added that, after moving with the crowd into the car park, it is not known whether the two suspects got into a vehicle, according to the Toronto Star newspaper.