Watch 50 Cent say Justin Bieber has ‘Michael Jackson issues’

Pop star attended one of Fiddy's recent club events

50 Cent has described Justin Bieber as having “Michael Jackson issues” when it comes to dealing with fame.

The rapper invited the pop star to join him onstage while he was hosting a night club event in Monaco, earlier this year.

Video footage was shown on The Talk showing Bieber dancing around to some music, throwing up hand signs and spraying a bottle of champagne into the crowd. You can watch the footage below.


When asked by co-host Sharon Osbourne: “How is that little boy?”, the hip-hop star replied, “He’s going through those phases, he’s growing up.”

“It’s like Michael Jackson issues. He’s been a star for a long time.”

He added: “Everybody gets a little tougher when I’m around. You see him putting champagne on people, it’s like, ‘Get outta here!'”

Bieber meanwhile, recently appeared to take a dig at Taylor Swift in a recent Instagram post following the singer’s beef with Kanye West.

The pair recently fell out after Swift claimed to have not known about controversial lyrics that featured in the rapper’s song ‘Famous’ prior to its release. West’s track includes the lines: “I feel like me and Taylor Swift might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”


However, Kim Kardashian leaked a phone call last month showing Swift seemingly enthusing over the first lyric, while not being informed about the latter line. The dispute led to an online backlash against Swift, which some arguing that the incident may have killed her career.

Bieber waded in, posting a screenshot of himself on a FaceTime call with West, along with the caption: “Taylor Swift what up”.