50 Cent tells court of recent bankruptcy: ‘I’m not as cool as I was last week’

The rapper appeared at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York on Tuesday (July 21)

Rapper 50 Cent has appeared in court to testify about his finances following his recent bankruptcy declaration.

The hip-hop star, real name Curtis Jackson, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the US Bankruptcy Court in Hartford, Connecticut last week (July 13). Jackson later labelled the declaration as a “strategic business move”, vowing to continue his commercial and financial pursuits.

According to Page Six, Jackson appeared at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York on Tuesday morning (July 21), where he confirmed his dire financial situation and revealed that his “aspirational” lifestyle is mostly for appearance.


Quizzed on recent images of Jackson with flash cars such as Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces, the rapper replied that “those cars were rented”, adding that his gold chains were “borrowed from the jeweller”.

“It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership”.


Jackson also addressed Lastonia Leviston, who was in attendance after recently winning a lawsuit against the rapper for uploading a sex tape of her. He said: “I’m sorry if you feel like I hurt you”.

“That’s just the competitive nature of the art form,” Jackson added to Leviston, an ex-girlfriend of fellow rapper Rick Ross.

Despite his recent legal troubles, Jackson says he’s keeping his head held high, however. “You gotta smile when you’re in a public situation. If you’re crying they’re just having more fun with you,” he told the court.

“Now that I’ve filed for bankrupt… I’m not as cool as I was last week”.


50 Cent recently announced details of a UK arena tour set to take place in November. Jackson will perform three gigs in total: in Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle.

50 Cent will play the following dates:

Glasgow, SECC (November 4)
Manchester, MEN (6)
Newcastle, Arena (7)

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