50 Cent remakes ‘Maleficent’ as ‘Malefiftycent’ on US TV

'Get witch or die tryin'' is the strapline for the Jimmy Kimmel parody

50 Cent has appeared in a trailer parodying new Disney film ‘Maleficent’ as his own ‘Malefiftycent’.

The rapper donned a cape and horns for the US television spoof on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, playing his own version of the character played by Angelina Jolie.

“I’ve been shot nine times, I ain’t afraid of no white girl” he says in the clip, which you can watch above. The strapline then reads, “Get witch or die tryin'”, referring to his 2003 album ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin”.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent said that he is going to “whoop Aziz Ansari’s ass” after the comedian told a joke about how the rapper does not know what a grapefruit is.

The rapper, who is currently promoting his new album ‘Animal Ambition’, spoke about Anzari’s joke in a Reddit AMA. In one of his routines, the comedian and Parks And Recreation star claims he sat next to 50 Cent at a restaurant and heard the rapper ask the waiter why his grapefruit juice was not purple.

However, 50 Cent is adamant that he does know what a grapefruit is and that he is also aware that it is different to a grape. Speaking to fans online on June 3, the rapper was asked about Ansari’s joke and wrote: “My grandma used to get me grapefruit juice as a kid. He’s a comedian. Ima have his ass whoop if he keeps saying that.”