50 Cent blames embarrassing baseball pitch on injury caused by ‘excessive masturbation’

Rapper jokes about his failed first throw at a New York Mets game

50 Cent has blamed an embarrassing failed first pitch at a recent New York Mets baseball game on an injury caused by “excessive masturbation”.

The rapper made a guest appearance at a baseball game in New York last week (May 27), throwing what was described as “one of the worst first pitches ever”.

50 Cent took part in a Reddit AMA yesterday and was immediately asked about the throw, to which he provided the tongue-in-cheek answer. “I have a skeletal muscle injury on my left shoulder from excessive masturbation so take it easy lol,” he said.


The musician and entrepreneur was also asked why he is accepting Bitcoin payments for his latest studio album, ‘Animal Ambition’, to which he replied: “Stay with times — technology is what’s changing the business gotta get with it. I take money no matter if it’s coins or dollars.”

50 Cent’s latest album ‘Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win’ was released on Monday. It features guest appearances from Trey Songz and Jadakiss.