50 Cent ridiculed after throwing ‘worst first pitch ever’ during New York Mets game – watch

Rapper missed his target during game against the Pittsburgh Pirates last night

50 Cent made a guest appearance at a baseball game in New York last night, throwing what has been described as “one of the worst first pitches ever”.

The rapper appeared at the game between the New York Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates at Citi Field last night (May 27) to throw the ceremonial ‘first pitch’. However, as you can see in the video, 50 Cent aims to throw the ball straight toward the batter in front of him, only for the ball to veer wildly off to the left.

The New York Post has described the throw as “one of the worst first pitches ever” while Fox News called his move both “horrible” and “hilarious”. Australian publication Sydney Herald, meanwhile, opted for the simple “Can’t rap, can’t pitch.”


50 Cent has responded in good humour via Twitter, writing “I’m a hustler not a Damn ball player. LMAO” and “The sh!t almost hit the camera man damn, if you look close you can see them moving the plate” immediately after the game ended.