50 Cent: ‘My music doesn’t glorify gun violence’

The rapper says it's 'art imitating life'

50 Cent has rejected claims his music glorifies gun violence.

In a preview clip of an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, which you can watch below, the rapper says his songs do not glorify violence. Instead, he says his lyrics come from his own experience and is therefore “art imitating life”.

He told interviewer Tracy Smith: “I’m flattered actually when they say that [rap music glorifies violence] to me because it would mean that I’m so, I have such a strong hold on the youth or people in general that it completely changes their thought process – the music is that powerful.”

Asked if rap music is more than about discussing guns and violence, he added: “Yeah, it’s a lot more. It’s writing. If you were doing that and didn’t actually experience it, I would say you’re glorifying it. If you’re drawing from something from your actual experience, isn’t art imitating life?”

50 Cent will release his fifth studio album, titled ‘Street King Immortal’, later this year (2013). The record will include last year’s singles ‘My Life’, which featured Maroon 5’s Adam Levine’, and the Dr Dre produced ‘New Day’, which featured Alica Keys.

‘Street King Immortal’ is the rapper’s follow-up to 2009’s ‘Before I Self Destruct’. 50 Cent has said his new album will ‘not fall short of a classic’.