50 Cent goes on holiday in Caribbean island where he was arrested for swearing

Freed rapper decides to stay on in St Kitts after paying fine

50 Cent has gone on holiday on the Caribbean island where he was arrested for swearing at the weekend.

On Saturday (June 25), 50 was arrested in St Kitts for swearing during his performance at St Kitts Festival. His management have blamed the swearing on “a mix-up” as the rapper was unaware of St Kitts’ laws relating to profanity. They were also unable to arrange clean versions of 50’s backing tracks to accompany his performance. He was arrested for saying “Motherfuckin’” during ‘P.I.M.P.’

What you in 4 MURDER all I said was motherfucker. LMAO #FRIGO

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On Sunday, 50 and his bodyguard Bajar Walter each paid a fine of $1100 (£820). And 50’s spokeswoman Amanda Ruisi has said the rapper has now extended his stay in the Caribbean.

Ruisi said: “We just want people to know we aren’t mad about this. We all had a good time. 50 enjoyed it so much that he’s decided to extend his stay longer. He’s going to Nevis, and we’d come back to perform in St Kitts anytime they’d like to have us back.”

50 had mocked his arrest, posting a picture of himself in prison uniform on Instagram with the caption “What are you are in for? Murder? ‘No, I only said “Motherfucker”.’ LMAO.”