50 Cent stirs controversy by posting bizarre pictures of Blue Ivy Carter

Rapper posted a series of joke snaps of Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn on his Twitter feed

50 Cent has courted controversy by posting some bizarre joke pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s new baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

The rapper, who releases his next album ‘Black Magic’ in the summer, tweeted from his account Twitter.com/50Cent: “Y’all play too much congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce baby. Blue Ivy Carter is gorgeous.” He then tweeted a series of photoshopped pictures of Jay-Z‘s face superimposed onto a newborn baby.

50 Cent has hit out at Jay-Z a number of times in the past, even going as far as to say that no one knew who the rapper was before he began dating Beyonce and promised that he would steal the former Destiny’s Child singer away from him.

The rapper is also no stranger to bizarre Twitter outbursts, revealing last week that he would like to be a bird. He wrote of this: “This morning I was looking out the window. I saw a bird fly right onto the ledge. It felt like he was looking right at me… I’d like to [be] a bird so I could fly and shit on the world. Then you all could say 50 shat on me. That’s luck right? Then don’t wipe the shit off.”

The rapper had earlier prophesised his own death, writing that he does not believe he has much longer to live.

He has also used his Twitter account to frequently criticise his record label and has said that he will not be promoting ‘Black Magic’ when it is eventually released.