50 Cent: ‘My next album will shake things up’

Rapper admits he can't sell as many records as he used to – but promises to still make an 'impact'

50 Cent has promised that his new studio album “will shake things up a bit”.

The rapper had previously slammed his label Interscope Records for failing to release his in-the-works fifth studio album, which has the working title ‘Black Magic’, but took to Twitter yesterday (November 15) to assure fans that he would be returning to his roots on the LP.

He wrote:

My next album is gonna shake things up a bit. It has the elements that were in hip-hop that I fell in love with in the beginning.

The hip hop star also posted subsequent messages in which he admitted that the album was unlikely to replicate the commercial success of his previous efforts such as his 2003 debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin” or its follow-up, 2005’s ‘The Massacre’, but insisted that it would still deliver an impact.

“I hate to speak on my music ’cause it speaks for itself,” he said. “I can’t sell 12 mill like I did on ‘GRODT’ [‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’] or 10 mill like ‘The Massacre’, but prepare for impact.”

When ‘Black Magic’ is released, it will be 50 Cent’s first studio album since 2009’s ‘Before I Self Destruct’. The rapper described Interscope Records as “fucked up” for their inability to release the LP.

50 Cent published an anti-bullying book for children – the semi-autobiographical Playground– earlier this month. He claimed that he wanted the tome to show bullies they were “dealing with their emotions in the wrong way”.