50 Cent: ‘My son inspired me to write anti-bullying book’

Rapper says he wanted to show bullies they were 'dealing with their emotions in the wrong way'

50 Cent has revealed that his new anti-bullying book was inspired by his son.

Despite previously penning singles such as ‘I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy’ and ‘I’ll Still Kill’, the rapper told MTV that he wanted to write his latest novel Playground to show his son that bullies dealt “with their emotions in the wrong way”.

He said:

I was inspired to write this project based on a conversation with my son. He was telling about someone else who was experiencing being bullied around him, and in order to explain the scenario, I had to explain it from the actual bully’s perspective and say that he’s dealing with his emotions the wrong way.

50 Cent released the semi-autobiographical Playground last week (November 1). Talking about the problems faced by the tome’s main character, he added: “He’s dealing with weight issues: he’s overweight, and you know how common childhood obesity is right now.

“Bullying doesn’t necessarily mean hitting or physically hurting someone. It can be something that you say that emotionally hurts the person.”

Earlier this year, 50 Cent slammed his record label Interscope for failing to release his in-the-works fifth album ‘Black Magic’. He posted a message on his Twitter account calling the label “fucked up” and said they had “dropped the ball with me one time too many”.

In September, meanwhile, he was reportedly set to be sued over a violent attack despite not actually being present when it took place.

According to the lawsuit, Vasti Ortiz, who was allegedly beaten and injured by Dwayne McKenzie at 50 Cent‘s Connecticut mansion, claimed that the hip-hop superstar was responsible as he knew or should have known McKenzie was a criminal who’d assaulted in the past.