50 Cent’s bizarre Twitter rants continue

The rap star's incessant comments bring millions of followers

50 Cent has continued his incredible flow of messages on Twitter, taking potshots at everyone from boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to the recent arrest on a cocaine charge of socialite Paris Hilton, all liberally laced with explicit details of his own sexual peccadilloes.

50‘s Twitterpic account was at one point suspended, due to X-rated photos. However that has not stopped him carrying on with the text posts.

“I just looked at kanye page what the fuck kind a spaced out tweets are those. fuck that I aint never looking at that shit again,” he said of Kanye West.

“You get perks when ur a fine white women in america they gave lindsay lohan 90 days da bitch did 4 how come when I get 90 days I do 90 days,” he also posted, before adding “Look man I’m sorry I’ve been cursing. But fuck that shit I gotta express myself bitch.”

“Look this is a public service announcement my tweets are for motherfuckers 18 and older. If you under 18 get yo little ass off the computer,” he said.

The tweets are arriving every five minutes on average. There has been no suggestion by 50 Cent or his management or label that his account has been hacked.

As news of 50‘s blitz has grown so have the number of his followers. By Saturday evening (August 28) he was edging close to three million. See for yourself at Twitter.com/50cent.

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