50 Cent claims P Diddy is ‘no longer a hip-hop artist’

Rapper-turned-actor also discusses dramatic weight loss for role in 'Things Fall Apart'

50 Cent has slammed P Diddy, claiming he should no longer be considered a hip-hop artist due to his business activities.

Speaking to US radio station Hot 93.7, the rapper – real name Curtis Jackson – suggested that P Diddy prefers to “write cheques” rather than make music.

“He’s not an artist. An artist would be someone who wrote actually something on a record,” Jackson said, comparing Diddy – real name Sean Combs – to R&B singers who do not write their own material.

“What made hip-hop exciting to me was each person’s individual experience and how you learn to enjoy them as an individual. When that’s not there because they’re just being an executive, like ‘I don’t write rhymes, I write cheques’, that’s not hip-hop.”

The comments followed the release of Combs‘ new single with his latest band Diddy – Dirty Money, ‘Hello Good Morning’, last Monday (June 21).

50 Cent also discussed his dramatic weight loss for his role in forthcoming movie Things Fall Apart.

“I wanted to be as authentic as possible. I was already in really good shape,” he explained. “The toughest part was the [tour] bus – [temptations] are there right in front of you.”

50 Cent revealed his gaunt new appearance last month, posting pictures on his Twitter account and telling fans he was “starving”.

The full interview can be heard on the Hot 93.7 website.