50 Cent joins Beyonce and Usher in donating Gaddafi gig money

Rapper donates money from 2005 gig to Unicef

50 Cent has joined Beyonce, Usher and Nelly Furtado in announcing that he will donating money he received from the Gaddafi family to charity.

The rapper performed in 2005 at a private event during the Venice Film Festival, which it later transpired was linked to members of the Gaddafi family.

In a statement given to the Associated Press, 50 Cent‘s spokesperson said: “In light of the ongoing events in Libya, 50 Cent will be making a donation to Unicef, which is providing vital relief supplies to meet the needs of women and children at risk during this crisis.”

It is has not been revealed how much 50 Cent was paid for his performance, or whether he found out about the Gaddafi links before or after the show.