Watch 50 Cent parody MTV Cribs with ‘In Da Hostel’ advert for Hostelworld

'I never knew hostels could be that dope,' says the rapper

50 Cent stars in a new advert for hostel accommodation platform Hostelworld in which he parodies MTV Cribs.

The clip sees the rapper guiding a tour around a hostel in Barcelona, showing off the facilities, amenities and “where the magic happens” (the bedroom).

“I’ve travelled the world and have stayed at some of the most insane places but none of them had the same vibe and energy that I found at The Hostel in Barca,” 50 Cent says in a press release. “I never knew hostels could be that dope.”

Watch the ‘In Da Hostel’ video below.

50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) recently dropped out of the Forbes list of the richest rappers in the world following his well-documented financial troubles. He filed for bankruptcy last year.

He was also forced to apologise after mocking an autistic teenager in an Instagram video.