50 Cent unveils new film company

Rapper to star alongside Nicolas Cage in one of the company's films

50 Cent has unveiled a new film company he has launched, Cheetah Vision.

The rapper did the unveiling at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, reports Reuters.

The star has already bought up eight scripts, and will play an acting role alongside Nicolas Cage in forthcoming film ‘The Dance’ – set to be the company’s first release.

“He [Cage] plays the founder of a boxing programme, and I play a fighter who goes to state prison,” the rapper explained.

Fiddy added that he was not concerned about launching a new company in the midst of a global financial crisis.

“I don’t think it will affect me as much as it will the other people that are out there,” he said, “because I’m not afraid to finance some of these things myself if I have to.”